Mission Statement

Our modern times call for modern measures. In the fast-paced world of constant information exchange, every day we have more to consume and less time to do so. We enjoy quick injections of information, and if looks pretty in the process, all the better. As we continue to evolve, we continue to invent new mediums to communicate in, whether it’s to share statistics or humor (or sometimes, both).

In other words, it’s the age of the infographic.

At Statistical Fiction, we like the idea of absorbing information quickly, and the idea of a great presentation makes our knees quiver. But what if instead of using infographics to communicate numbers in our business lives, we also made use of them to deliver a good laugh? With a tongue-in-cheek view of modern society and a creative vision in tow, we aim to offer an experience for the reader that lets you enjoy a good giggle and effortlessly share that feeling with all your friends, all within the space of a few seconds. No time wasted.

So whether you are the 99%, the 1%, or somewhere in-between, chances are you’re part of a statistic. Why not laugh at yourself? There’s a 98% chance you will, by the way.

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