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Super Bowl Ads on Youtube Make Everybody Unproductive at Work

How much time are you wasting watching Super Bowl ads on YouTube?

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Halloween Math: How To Figure Out This Year’s Costume

Not sure what to be for Halloween this year? Use our handy Halloween Math guide to come up with some simple ideas for costumes. Have fun and be safe!

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Data on Data: Star Trek’s Commander Data Can Kick your Android’s Ass

While Lieutenant Commander Data was cruising around the cosmos at impulse speed, those of us who were Earthbound were still suffering through the awkward teenage years of home computing. We could set our VHS players to record Star Trek: the … Continue reading

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How Geeks Read: The Anatomy of a Good Nerd Book

  I think every reader wanders into the bookstore with the same idea in mind: finding the book that calls out to them. I know I do, and while it depends on what I’m in the mood for that particular … Continue reading

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Hallyuah! The Call of Korean Pop Music

Google is like one of the gods of the tech world – when they tell us to like something, we listen. That’s why I was shocked and delighted to see them sponsor a concert at Google Headquarters last month called … Continue reading

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New Orleans Hotels on the Parade Route

The Mardi Gras Survival Guide and New Orleans Hotels on the Parade Route, Courtesy of   It’s your first time in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, you say? Oh, dear. It’s likely that you’ll be overwhelmed by the spectacle, … Continue reading

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60% of hipsters will tell you

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Vennsday Diagram – Mac Owners

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Kittens in Boxes are Adorable

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